I am a multidisciplinary artist creating anthropomorphic taxidermy using authentic relics, 
working predominantly with sculpture, vintique textiles and millinery. 

I gather inspiration from folklore, archetypes, mythology and mysticism
while exploring history, culture and fashion. 

I aim to create pieces that are macabre yet also delightful,
which emit an aesthetic of veneration and awe.

All animal remains used in my work are sourced ethically and conscientiously
and are used with utmost reverence.

I aim to give an honorary second life to remains that would otherwise perish.

I work solely with invasive species to aid the balance of the fragile native ecosystem and help restore and sustain Australia’s unique flora and fauna, which I cherish. 

I acknowledge and deeply respect the traditional custodians of the land I live and work on.
I pay respect to Indigenous cultures, their elders past and present, across the world. 

My work resides in personal collections and on permanent display in museums
in many corners of our globe.


♥ Lucia Mocnay