Fox Ancestory Series

beinART huge small works show


This Saturday is the Opening of the beinArt galleries Small Works Group Show.

I have a piece in there, titled “Saint Demiurge”

Click the image above for more details.

Here is my piece –


Made of foraged rabbit bones, antique Victorian era textiles and embellishments sourced from the Schaumburg-Lippe’s Royal family of Germany. There is a sodalite cabachon in there aswell.

Based on the Decorated Saint Skeletons of Ancient Catholic History, as found in Paul Koudounaris’ “Heavenly Bodies” book. Talented Nuns would decorate Saints bones’ after their death in order to activate the Saints powers for all of humanity. The Demiurge is known as the ultimate architect and master craftsman of the universe, the word being used to describe all artisians in the olden days. When the Catholic Nuns were given bones which they couldn’t identify, they would give the bones a name based on their essence, as I have done here, for rabbits are masters at (pro)Creation. So this work is dedicated to aiding all the artists and master craftsmen, for all they create.

Presales for the show are on at the moment, contact beinArt gallery . Cost of St Demiurge is $500 and the piece can be sent world wide. 13 x 13 x 10 cms. Glass dome not pictured.

If you are in Melbourne come down this Saturday night 6-9pm for the opening!