Fox Ancestory Series

Nesting v.2019

Hello everyone!

St Apollonia

Fox Skull, Victorian era dress remnants, antique jewels, relics from Salzburg’s castle, quartz crystal, antique rosary beads, antique lace, mixed media

It’s been 5 years between posts, I can’t believe it! How did that happen? I don’t even know how to catch up on that…. I certainly seem to have been so busy that I’ve obviously been quite neglectful!

So, I guess, “Highlights!”

Some of the highlights from the past   ∞ h a l f   a   d e c a d e ∞   include:

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not bought *almost* my entire collection, and distributed my pieces into their museums in Asia, Canada, USA and Australia, for permanent public display.  So if you happen to travel and visit their museums, please send me pictures of my work if you see it! They also included my Kitsune in their Odd Is Art Book and I’m beyond stoked at this.

I have attended a few Fairs: The Rites Of Passage Festival, The Endangered Skills Show and the The Other Art Fair where I sold many pieces and connected with some lovely people.  I have also done a few group shows between the Fairs.

Personally, I moved house and studios (twice!) and worked with Rest In Pieces, a taxidermy workshop company. I made a book and a 2019 calendar (both sold out now), and I’ve made a LOT of foxes and domes, too numerous to mention, in a few differing styles, of which my favourite, St Apollonia, is pictured above.

At this moment I’m happily nesting and preparing for new exhibitions and projects for the new year ≤2020≥, and have been updating my website with current information, some of the artworks that have come and gone (while I blinked), and others that I have currently available for purchase.

I am also creating fox head-dresses, keep an eye out for those, if you fancy going about town á la mode. I’ll be experimenting with new ideas and will be working with my favourite animals, CATS!

Please get in touch if you are interested in anything and follow me on Instagram for the latest updates: @lucia.mocnay (I’ve changed my name a few times there though I am proud to say I have not had a 5 year hiatus). Those posts also get forwarded to my Art Account on Facebook: @luciamocnay so you can catch up there. And, I am in the process of updating my mailing list so subscribe there if you please, for direct info to your inbox.

Thanks so much for the ongoing support and I hope to see you all at a show, or find you connecting in the online world very soon 🙂

Much love!

∴♥⊇ Lucia ⊆♥∴