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Hey Guys!

Hope you have all been well and are enjoying the change of season, no matter what side of the hemisphere you are on.   ∴∅∴

I am new to this WordPress blogging thing so forgive any technical difficulties, hopefully it all runs smoothly…..!
I decided to start a section for news and things I have been doing in and around my studio… Kinda wish I started sooner, but I may go back and recap some past stuff at a later date. Hope you are interested in reading it cos I have heaps to share!

So getting on with it, my latest news is that I have *just* finished my latest piece, Krampus. He has become a favourite of friends and family so that’s pretty exciting to me…

Krampus has been in the works for a while, I actually started him in 2012 when I got the initial idea of a Devil Fox and wanted to make him a Halloween release, though things didn’t quite flow the way I wanted them to, and he is the first character I put on hold until the time was right…. Fast forward to a few months ago, when I started on my latest project with completely different intentions. This fox though, had his own intentions, and with a roughy toughy kinda look to him, and I knew he was the one that was meant to be the Devilish Fox, so I resurrected him as Krampus. This time he flowed perfectly to completion, on Friday 13th June, Full Moon in Sagittarius, which I took as a lucky sign.   ∴Ψ∴

Krampus is a ye old European mythological character, who is St Nicholas’s dark counterpart. The two associates come to visit the children on St Nicks day, 6th December, and if you have been good, you get presents and sweets from St Nick, but if you have been naughty Krampus spanks you and gives you coal and a broom. If you have been an utter brat that year, he takes you away in a pouch on his back, the stuff of nightmares! This all predates modern day Santa of course. Being from Slovakia, my parents keep the spirit alive by dressing up as St Nick and Krampus each year and come over to scare my children to behave (wish it actually worked!) haha.

I’ll get some proper photos of him soon and add them to the Taxidermy section on here, but for now you have the one I posted on Instagram.

And that’s all for today, I’ll write again soon, I am almost finished naming my Hare so that’ll be news for next time.

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Have great moments, as all time is now!   ∴∞≡⊕∴
Til next time

∴♥∴ Lucy